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Ridgeline Academy exists to foster critical thinking among students, promote academic excellence and instill a culture of lifelong learning.


To build a community of phenomenal educators using a rigorous curriculum, holding students to high standards while offering a fun learning environment. We believe these things combined with teamwork between employees, parents, and the community will help all students achieve their full potential.


Ridgeline Academy provides families with a community school culture and small class sizes with an enriched Core Knowledge curriculum and high academic expectations in a respect-based learning environment supported by character-based education. Our values are grounded in the belief that students are literate in all subjects; are independent and critical thinkers; and are life-long learners and achievers.

Pride: I show dignity, honor, and integrity in my work and actions.

Respect: I respect myself and others.

Responsibility: I make good choices to do the right thing.

Community: I am an important part of my community and the world I live in.

Perseverance: I never give up.


Ridgeline Academy is an A+ rated charter school in North Phoenix. Mr. Barker, the school director, holds a master’s degree in Educational Leadership, and has received multiple accolades from the education community. Ridgeline Academy has received an “A” rating every year of Mr. Barker’s tenure, and serves over 600 students in grades K – 8. It is also one of ten schools in the nation to receive the award "Core Knowledge School of Distinction." Ridgeline Academy uses the Core Knowledge curriculum in grades K - 8.

The goal of Ridgeline Academy is to create a new way of educating students without being bound by traditionally normed methodology. Students go to the classes that best fit their needs, following a “walk to read” format, but instead of limiting this to ELA classes, it is done with all core classes. The special education department is integrated into the classroom; with pullouts only for students whose Individualized Learning Plan (IEP) indicates a need for this type of instruction.